Meet the Carl Michael Team

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Team Member



Lisa Lipani (Owner) Level 4AA
Jessica Ash (Danvers Manager) Level 4A Danvers
Erica Martell Level 4AA Wakefield
Kim Wright  Level 4 Wakefield
Dina Robinson  Level 4 Wakefield
Laura Hunt Level 4 Wakefield
Kara Johnson Level 4A Danvers
Lisa Marie Wallace Level 4 Wakefield
Jessie Mack  Level 3 Danvers
Athene Hennessey  Level 3 Danvers
Meghan MacLeod  Level 3 Danvers
Holly Forti Level 3 Wakefield
Lily Jackson Level 3 Danvers
Molly Monroe Level 3 Danvers
Stellina Saia Level 3 Wakefield
Samantha Mestone Level 2 Danvers
Brittany Gagliardi Level 2 Wakefield

Guest Service Experts

SandySandy Melo

Sandy has been part of our Carl Michael Salon family for over 2 years. She works full time at Analog Corporation in Peabody and works evenings and weekends exclusively at our Danvers Salon.

Lisa Soep

Lisa has recently joined our Carl Michael team.  She married her neighbor Matt 15 years ago,  and they have four children.  She enjoys volunteering with the kids sports and working out herself!  The newest addition to her family is GUS, a year old Cavachon. . Lisa works exclusively at our Danvers sa